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Are You Looking for 2019 Cat Wall Calendars?

cat with glasses reading book

Have you selected your 2019 calendars yet? If not, and if you like cats, let me help you out. I’ve selected 12 new 2019 calendars with cute, beautiful, and amusing cat pictures on them. How can you resist? Check out the selection. However, let me fill you in first on a bit of calendar history.

Since ancient times, man has found some means to record the passing of time. Their calculations were based on the actions of the sun or the moon. Many types of calendars had their place during mankind’s history. Here is a partial record of their development.

The Earliest Calendars

The first calendar dates to the Bronze Age, once writing was developed in the ancient Near East. The natural units for timekeeping used by most historical societies were the day,  solar year and lunation. The day was a 24-hour period; the solar year (or tropical year) was the time the sun takes to return to the same point in the seasonal cycle. Lunation is an astronomical term. The new moon was the first lunar phase.

Many calendar systems appeared during the iron age. These were based on Assyrian and

round engraved stone showing time divisions
An early calendar

Babylonian calculations. The Persian Empire had its own calendar, which gave rise to the Zoroastrian and the Hebrew versions.

Calendar Reform under Julius Caesar; the Gregorian Calendar

The Roman calendar was refined by Julius Caesar in 45 BCE. The Julian calendar, instead of being dependent on observations of the moon, simply established a leap year every four years.

In 1582, the Gregorian calendar was introduced. Today it is used worldwide as the secular calendar.

Origin of the Name

The word “calendar” comes from the “calends,” which was the term for the first day of the month in Rome. The word is related to the verb “to call out,” which refers to the announcement that the new moon was just seen.

In Latin, the word was “calendarium,” which meant “account book” or “register,” Debts were settled on the “calends” of each month. This Latin term was adopted into Old French as “calendier,” and from there it migrated into Middle English as “calender” by the 13th century. The spelling “calendar” comes from early modern English.

Prehistoric Timekeeping

Before written calendars, prehistoric structures were used to keep track of the passing of the year. A Mesolithic arrangement of 12 pits and an arc were found in Warren Field, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. This device for marking time dates from roughly 10,000 years ago. It has been called a lunar calendar and was named the “world’s oldest non-calendar” in 2013.

Other Early Means of Marking Time Passage

The Persians believed in the importance of keeping a record of the days, and were among the first cultures to use a solar calendar. The sun is related closely to the folklore of Cyrus the Great, as it has always been an important symbol to Iranian culture.

From old Persian writings we learn that the early Iranians used a 360-day calendar based directly on solar observation. There were some interesting differences from our modern version. Days were not named. The month had two or three divisions, depending on the phases of the moon. Twelve months of 30 days became the pastoral year. The months were named for festivals or special activities. A thirteenth month was added every six years to keep calendar and seasons aligned.

The Greeks apparently recognized 12 lunar months. Besides a “festival” calendar, they also had a “political” calendar. These Greek documents were quite varied and confusing, becoming even more

ruins of Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi

diversified by the Hellenistic period.

At that time, every Greek state had a different calendar tradition. Among these, the calendar of Delphi was very important because it dated the manumission of slaves, both in the Delphian and in the regional calendar.

The Romans had an eight-day week, with market day being held every eight days.

Modern Calendar Develops in Rome

The old Roman calendar had 304 days, divided into ten months. The ancient historian, Livy, gave credit to an early Roman king, Numa Pompilius, for developing a 12-month calendar. Under Julius Caesar and later, Augustus, the 365-day Julian calendar, with its leap year every four years, was adopted.

Other Calendars Still In Use

Though the Gregorian calendar is now used worldwide for secular purposes, many ancient calendars remain in regional use for religious or social pursuits. In my village of Ouzinkie, we used two calendars. For the majority of our needs, we referred to the Gregorian calendar.

Russian Orthodox people in the village also used the Julian calendar. Therefore, their holidays, like Easter, Christmas, and New Year’s, were celebrated on a different day. Their calendar also shows the Saint’s Days and important religious celebrations.

How Do You Define Time

It interests me that, since early man, we have tried to devise a way to track the passage of time. Top of tower showing clockWhen you look at the history of our development of tracking methods, you will find many, many variations on the theme. The sun rotates and we call its turning “time.” However, “time” is simply an idea we have developed to explain the rotation of the planets, sun, and moon. Though the idea of a calendar is pretty basic, and almost essential in the modern world, time still remains a somewhat mystic concept. Time is artificial; something created by man to help explain the world. Time is an elusive thing, and we will never know how much time we have left in our lives. So, enjoy it while you can.

The source for the information in this article was Wikipedia.

And Now, Take a Look at These Fun Calendars

To help you record the passing of your days, I am happy to offer you a fine selection of 2019 cat calendars. Any one of these will guide you well through the next year. To go to the company that carries these fine products, just click on the picture of the item or on the highlighted link, and you will be taken directly to the seller’s page. We all need new 2019 calendars — Pick yours now!


365 cats 2019 desk calendar, Price 14.99

365 page calendar, all cats

Hale Cats 2019 Wall Calendar by Rachael Hale, Price $14.99silver-grey kitten, blue background

Garfield Desk CalendarPrice 14.99Garfield year calendar, 2019

Cat Gallery 2019 Wall Calendar, Price $16.99Grey cat lying on green cushion

Cats and Kittens Easel Desk Calendar, Price $12.95easel calendar with cat and kittens

Really important stuff my cat has taught me, Price $14.99cat swimming


Kliban Cat Sticker Wall Calendar, Price 14.99Kliban funny cat drawings

365 Kittens a Year, 2019 Calendar, Price $15.99Calendar of kitten pictures, 365 days

Patterson Cats 2019 Wall Calendar, Price $14.99Patterson humorous cats; cat looking in mirror

Kittens and Puppies Wall Calendar, Price 9.99Kitten and puppy sitting close together


Hope you like this selection.  Both the blue item title and the image have links to the seller, so if you would like to order your new calendar or perhaps pick up a couple for gifts, just click to purchase.  If you have friends who might like to see this selection, please share.  Thanks much!

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  1. These are some adorable cat calendars. I have a friend that’s a cat lover. I am sure she is going to like this article. I will share this information with her. I had no idea the word “calendar” comes from “calends.” I also had no idea there is so much history about calendar. Your article has been an eye opener for sure. I enjoyed the article and really appreciate the information. Keep up with the good work.

    • Oh, I am so glad you liked the calendars.  I know I am going to choose one for myself for next year, but not sure which one I like best.  Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Hey Fran, I really enjoyed reading your post. What I really find interesting is how the concept of time and calendar have evolve through generations. That was an eye open experience when I was reading through the history. At the same time, I really loved it. I wish you could tell me more.

    My girl-friend is a big fan of cats. I thought it will be a great idea to purchase one of these cats calendar and surprise her on New Year’s Eve. I was thinking if you could help me select the best calendar that will suit her? She is someone who is introvert and she loves white and small cats. Thanks in advance for the answer.

    • How sweet of you, Kuu! If she likes small cats, she might enjoy the one with the little kitten on the front. There are some cute pictures in there, all kittens. It’s called “Hale Cats 2019 Wall Calendar.” The other one that might be a good choice is the “Cat Gallery.” The thing I like about the latter one is that there are 52 pictures…a different cat each week. There you have two choices that I think she might like. If you do get her one, be sure to let me know what she thinks of it.

  3. As a fellow cat lover I’m totally psyched to have found your post! I love the idea of a kitten a day calendar sitting right on my desk and staring me in the face. Since I don’t have much of an outdoor view I Iike to see a cute fur ball from time to time to cheer me up!

    I know this model has a cat every day but is in 12 month format. Are you familiar with any daily tear off versions with a different kitten each day?

    • So glad you enjoyed the post.  Since you, too, love cats, be sure you read some of the other posts, especially under the category of “Cat Tales.”  These are amusing stories from my experiences with cats. And, yes, I believe there is a daily tear off version for kittens.  If you would like one, I can add it to the site.  I think it is the same price as the “365 cats” one.  Let me know, and we’ll turn the post into a baker’s dozen of calendars.

  4. I really like this article and although I have a cat plus dogs, I have always bought a dog calendar so next year I feel a change coming on! 

    It was interesting to read when the first calendars was used and I forgot that they date back to the bronze age. Great research ! 

    The calendar titled things my cat has taught has taught me really reminds me of my cat who is called Boo! So I think that is the calendar for me!

    • You know, that one appeals to me, too.  I’d love to see what each page has to offer.  If you order it, let me know what you think of it, and I might get one too.  By the way, thanks for commenting…I appreciate your remarks.

  5. all of these look like great choices, and even though I’m not a cat person, my wife would love these! Also with them not being very expensive is another huge plus.

    Thanks again for giving some good recommendations out about car calendars.

    Out of all of them, which ones would you say is your top 3?

    • Oh, goodness, it would be hard to pick just three.  In fact, when I selected them, I went through a really large assortment; looked at every page; picked the ones I thought were the best.  So, you could select your top three and those could be mine as well.  Also, they are reasonably priced, which I know I appreciate, so thought you folks would as well.

  6. So after viewing the kitty Christmas cards, I surfed around your site to see what else you had going, and I come across these calendars.  So now I have my Christmas cards and a few presents as well.  They are the CUTEST!!!  The 365-desk calendar is going to my daughter.  She works in an office, and this will make her smile every single day.  My mom is getting the cats and kittens calendar.  She loves kittens. 

    Thanks again, sorry to keep commenting, but I am just so excited, and I wanted to thank you.

    • I love your comments and your excitement…you can write as long as you want!  Those calendars are indeed cute, and I, too, want one.  At least I know where to find it…lol…Another reasonably priced gift assortment on the site are the canvas totes.  Did you see those?  Lots of cute cat pictures.  I do hope I’ll see you here again.

  7. I did not know the history of calendars and how they were originated, I learn something new today 🙂

    And I have to say that those calendars are so adorable it will be the perfect gift to my mom who loves cats and I think I’m gonna get the Fairfield one for myself too haha.

    • Thanks for your comment!  Yes, I learned something new, too, when researching about calendars.  Glad you liked them, and hope you find one for your mom.  I believe I will have to select one for myself too.

  8. Some say the reason the internet exists is to share cat videos, so I think you are definitely on to something here! I guess under Roman Term I was Born In Calends!. Very cool history lesson, I feel smarter for reading it and like I know something important.. Cats can be mean sometimes (i’m talking about them surprise scratches and bites you’re hiding).

    Despite this fact there is no denying that they are beautiful creatures and I am sure people wouldn’t mind staring at one every month. That way you can get all of the cuteness with out any scratches!.

    Great Post.

    • You have a good point…lol…you won’t get any scratches from the cute cats on the calendars!  Funny — I have rarely gotten scratched or bitten in my 80 years of enjoying cats.  Maybe I have been lucky.  And, yes, they are certainly beautiful.  Did you see the Bengals in the post I just put up today?  Amazing creatures.

      Thanks for your comment — I hope you return again.

  9. This is the perfect Christmas gift for cat lovers! I know a few here and there, so I’ll be checking these out. You’ve just solved my problem in finding suitable presents!

    It’s crazy to know that such a simple thing as a calender has such a historical background. Never knew about the connection with the Romans and the Persians.

    Nice educational article!

    • Thanks, Jurgen.  Yes, I learned some things about calendars too, when writing the post.  It’s nice to get some background on the things we take for granted.  And, glad you think they might make good gifts.  Thanks!

  10. Hey i really enjoyed this article, it was very interesting.  I did not know any of that about calenders, i guess they go way back.  I dont use calenders myself since we have smartphones that has a calender but i know there are still people out there that uses them!

    • Lol…yes, Justin, there still people out here who use them.  I am glad you found the article interesting, even though it was about such a fossilized, old thing as calendars.  I love the tech generation.  Your comments were appreciated.  Thank you, Justin.

  11. A very informative and addictive quote that can attract and enjoy any visitor to the site and the animal lovers are sure they will adore the calendars listed by you, I’m sure you will create something better, because you see that you do with passion and dedication , I wish you much success further!

    • Thanks!  I’m glad you found the site interesting.  I appreciate your comments, and hope you will return for another visit.

  12. I love this! I love cats, like calendars and am fascinated by history so this is the place for me. I really like these cat calendars but especially the “Really important stuff my cat has taught me” calendar and the Cat Gallery 2019 calendar. 

    The history is really fascinating as well. I did not know about the Persians having a 13th month every six years or the root of the word coming from “calends” in Rome meaning the first day of the month. I quizzed my husband the history major and he knew both of those facts! Wow! He is a Roman buff however. I will definitely be thinking of you every time I see a calendar for awhile now and I will be coming back for more interesting cat stories and items. 

    The 10,000 year old ruin in Scotland sounds interesting as well. I was able to visit Newgrange in Ireland which is older than Stonehenge. It is one of the large ceremonial mound sites that is astronomically aligned and still watertight after 5,000 years! I got to go inside it and was amazed to look up at the carefully placed stones. 

    Thanks for this truly great post and items!


    • Thank you, Jessica, for the kind comments.  I am impressed that your husband knew those facts about calendars.  I certainly learned a few things myself.  It’s fun to dig out interesting history and then to put it on here for people to enjoy.  I do hope you will keep coming back.  By the way, you might check out my last post about the Bengal cats.  There is a cool video on there called something like “How to Cat-proof Your House for Bengal Cats.”  Those guys must be quite the characters! 

      Your appreciation is appreciated.


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