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10 More Strange Facts About Cats

Here is another collection of strange facts about cats for you to enjoy. What interesting little creatures! It is my belief that there is a lot more to a cat than meets the eye. They are definitely unique. This collection is part of a larger one called 101 Interesting Cat Facts, written by Karin Lehnardt….

Lucinda Reviews More Super Cat Tales

Welcome, two-leggeds. It’s Lucinda the literate cat. As you know if you read my recent column, my CCL is involved in a very time-consuming venture, and has appointed me to be her assistant editor for the year to help her out. She recently said to me, “Lucinda, we need a new book review. Would you…

About Fran

You know, I like that term, “crazy cat lady.”  It’s so cute, and so apt. We cat women — and men — tend to get a little carried away in matters concerning our favorite cats.  We can’t help it — we love them. However, at my mature age of 80, I believe I’ve earned the…