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Who Is Grumpy Cat?

On May 14, 2019, Grumpy Cat died at home due to complications from a UTI. She was seven years old. Tabatha Bundeson, owner, together with family members Bryan and Crystal, say they are unimaginably heart-broken that their kitty has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. So, who is Grumpy Cat? Her real name is Tardar Sauce. She…

Need Cat-themed Gifts? Try These.

There are many occasions when we need a gift. If you are looking specifically for cat-themed gifts, look no further. I’m adding a new feature to this website. At regular intervals — probably once a month — I will post a small collection of new gift items featuring cats for you to peruse. I’ll search…

Is PrettyLitter A Top-Rated Cat Litter?

Are you looking for a top-rated cat litter to use for your furry friend? Do you think PrettyLitter might be the brand you have been looking for? I have decided to offer PrettyLitter on my website, as there are some features I really like about it. This post will include information about the product from…

Would Kitty Love A Felted Wool Cat Cave?

I am totally in love with the “cat caves” that are becoming so popular. A felted wool cat cave is a warm, dark hideaway for a kitty. It is the perfect alternative to a cardboard box, something a cat finds most intriguing, and which he has to try to fit into, no matter how small….

For A Refreshing Change Of Pace Try Cat Coloring Books

There are days when I need to be totally distracted from the happenings of the world around me. Sometimes, the best way for me to free myself from the tensions of the moment is to do something that is a complete change; something fun and relaxing, and mentally absorbing. I get out my cat coloring books….

In Keeping With The Tradition of the New Year’s Resolution

Here are some new ideas for you to add if you are an advocate of the tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you might want to put one of these suggestions to your list. Some will apply especially to you, and some will be helpful to your cat. After all, when we make our resolutions,…

Does Your Kitty Need Cat Play Toys?

Do you know why play is important to your cat?  How is your supply of cat play toys?  Cats love to be mentally and physically stimulated.  With the right toy, they will play happily by themselves, but they also love to play with their owners. Playing teaches kittens many important survival skills.  They learn the…

Do You Know the History of Ceramics Pottery?

The making of ceramics started in the distant past.  When we research the history of ceramics pottery, we learn that the use of clay to make items, artistic or practical, became an industry thousands of years ago.  When people discovered that clay could be mixed with water and then fired in an oven, the industry of…

Would You Enjoy Cat-Themed Christmas Cards?

Okay, my friends — it can’t be helped.  It’s that time of year.  If you want to send out Christmas cards, you need to select what you want soon so you will have time to get them all out before Christmas.  Therefore, I have selected 9 different designs in cat-themed Christmas cards for you to…

Are You Looking for 2019 Cat Wall Calendars?

Have you selected your 2019 calendars yet? If not, and if you like cats, let me help you out. I’ve selected 12 new 2019 calendars with cute, beautiful, and amusing cat pictures on them. How can you resist? Check out the selection. However, let me fill you in first on a bit of calendar history….