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In Keeping With The Tradition of the New Year’s Resolution

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Here are some new ideas for you to add if you are an advocate of the tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you might want to put one of these suggestions to your list. Some will apply especially to you, and some will be helpful to your cat. After all, when we make our resolutions, perhaps we should consider the cat’s needs as well as our own when we make the list. Here goes:

1. My cat is too heavy and doesn’t go outside. He loves to eat and makes a real fuss if I try to reduce the amount he receives. I resolve to find ways to give him more exercise.

Here is a helpful way to give him more exercise as well as a place that is uniquely his. Try one of these: .cat tree with 6 cats in it

2. My kitty needs her nails cut regularly. I need to get the tools to take care of her nails myself. I resolve to learn how to trim them for her.

Try this link:

3. I like to give my furry friend new toys regularly so he doesn’t get bored. If he can’t find toys to play with, he finds all sorts of mischief to get into. Sometimes he makes a real mess. I resolve to stock up on cat toys this year.

Cat with crinkle ballsHere’s a selection:

4. I resolve to find some new, beautiful houseplants for my home. However, I want to make sure they will not poison my kitty. I know there are plants available that are actually good for him and for the house.

Try these plants. Not only are they non-toxic, but they help clean the air in your home.

5. This year, I resolve to find ways to travel more. I would love to go to Greece to visit those island villages that are full of cats. Look at this book of photos and you may want to add this resolution to your list:

6. I have read that vets say the most prevalent problem they see in cats is that they have had no dental care. Such a lack can lead to disease. Dental care is important, and I resolve to do something about it this year.

For a detailed guide on how to clean your cat’s teeth, see

7. My kitty really enjoys munching on fresh grass to help with his digestion. I think he rather likes the taste! He has his favorite spot that he visits in spring and summer, but with snow on the ground, there is no grass for him to eat.

If you would like to know where to find grass-growing kits for your kitty, look no further. The cat eating grassanswer is here:

8. I need a clock in my kitchen, but not any old clock. I’d like one with a kitty theme. I’ve seen a couple and want to know where I can find them. I resolve to find an adorable cat wall clock for the kitchen.

For two choices of kitty clocks, look at this article:

9. It’s the new year, and all I have are last year’s calendars. It is time to find one for this year. I resolve to find an adorable cat wall calendar or desk calendar for 2019.

We have a very nice selection of 2019 cat calendars. To see them, go to cat desk calendarwall-calendars

10. My cat eats in small increments. I don’t like to leave too much food out for him at a time because I don’t want him overeating. I’ve heard that the puzzle feeders will solve the problem, as the cat has to work to get out one piece of kibble at a time. I resolve to get him a puzzle feeder of some kind so he can eat and play at the same time.

Red puzzle feeder for catsCheck out the puzzle feeders here:

11. It’s always fun to read books about cats. I resolve to read a few cat classics this year. Where do I find them?

Here’s a start: Look at this collection of six classic cat stories, and you might find just what you are looking for. Go to this post: 

12. It is very important to have a good vet that I trust for my feline family. I resolve to find a good vet that Ivet and owner looking at cat am happy with. Then I can get specific answers about my kitty’s health and care.

Here’s an introductory story:

13. I resolve to find a new kitty, but I want it to be special. I know there are lots of choices out there. What are some cat breeds I can choose from?

If you click on the category, “breeds,” in the top navigation bar, you will find several posts on various cat breeds. For starters, read 5 pictures of different catsthis post:

14. I resolve to read every one of the book reviews from Lucinda the literate cat, as they are quite amusing. I never know what book she will review next. Here’s the first one:

15. I resolve to find a new, attractive tote bag this year with a picture of a cat on it.

We have some excellent choices for you to peruse. First, go to

If you would prefer a canvas tote bag, look at these, and you will find a nice variety of designs. bag with pic of cat on bookshelf

16. It is important to find enjoyable pastimes for long winter days and evenings. I resolve to find a couple of cool cat jigsaw puzzles to add to my winter fun collection. I heard there is even one called “The Literate Cat.”

Cat in library reading book
The Literate Cat

Here is our selection of wonderful cat jigsaws:


Be sure to look around the website, as there are other treasures on here for you to find. If you have not read all the posts, please feel free to look for some that interest you. If you have a comment, please leave it at the bottom of this page. I would love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “In Keeping With The Tradition of the New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Great New Years resolutions. My neighbour has a cat and when they’re away (which is pretty often,) the cat comes to stay with us. We love having her around but we often feel we don’t have enough toys and attractions for her. You’ve pointed out great ways to entertain her and we’ve taken note- Thanks so much!

    • Oh, yes, you can also hand-make toys for the cat.  Tie a feather to the end of a piece of string.  The cat will love it.  I used to get little pieces of cellophane because they made nice crinkly sounds, and bunch them up and tie a string to them. If you want to be really amused, get a laser-beam flashlight, and let the cat chase the light.  He will love it!  Just don’t shine it in his eyes.  Cats love to play, and will appreciate the time you spend interacting with him.

  2. Hi, I can see from your post that you are a lover of cats. I like that. I really would want to read through all of the links you have listed I can only look at them to save time to submit my comment. However you have done a good job. 

    By the way, how would you reduce the cat’s weight, if he is overweight? will he be willing to do some exercise? or can you force him in any way to exercise meaningfull enough to reduce his weight? I want to know.


    • There are some ways recommended in the New Year’s post that are helpful.  First of all, if you get them a tall cat tree, even though they sleep on it, they also have to climb it and they play on there.  That is helpful.  The puzzle feeders will help, too,  as the cat has to work to get the food, and cannot eat more than a piece or two at a time.  In that post you will find a selection of choices.  Also, keep your cat supplied with toys that he can chase.  Those,too, will help.  Try to spend a little time with him each day, playing with something he can chase.  That will help.  You can also talk to your vet about the kind of food and the quantity that you feed.  There are “dietary” foods out there for your cat.  Hope these suggestions help.

  3. I read two articles on this website and I love it already, for someone like me who is head over toe when it comes to cats, I really really enjoy reading your articles, I have 2 cats and a 3rd one is on its way.

    I am getting all kinds of information here for free, you have no idea how grateful I am! I have two cats, different breed, but one of them kinda look overweight…Do you know how much a cat should weigh for it to be considered healthy?

    • First  all, thank you so much for your question!  I will write a post soon about overweight cats.  

      Now, to answer your question:  I have learned that there are 3 ways to tell if your cat is overweight.  When you look down at them from above, do they have an hourglass figure?  Their belly should not sag.  You should be able to feel their ribs.  These are general things to look for.  If you are still unsure, take your cat to the vet and get an expert opinion.  

      As far as what it should weigh, it depends on the cat.  A Siamese, as an average, weighs between 5 to 9 pounds.  A Norwegian Forest cat might weigh 25 pounds.  

      Thanks for commenting.  I’d love it if you would bookmark my site for later reading.  Have you read the book reviews by Lucinda the literate cat yet?  I think you would love them.


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