Which Are House Plants That Are Safe For Cats?

After doing the article last week about cats eating grass, I got to thinking about house plants in general.  I did a bit of research and came up with some good information for you.  Below is a list of ten non-toxic house plants that will not harm you, your pets, or your children.

You may want to check any other plants you keep inside for toxicity issues.  To get a complete list, go to the ASPCA website, where you will find information on both toxic and non-toxic plants.

In my research, I found this list of ten on the website, www.wideopenpets.com.  The great thing about the plants on this list is that they are not only non-toxic, but they also help purify the air in your house…a real win-win situation.

Here is the list, with a picture of each plant.


Money Tree (Pachira aquatica)

green succulent-looking plant, brown stemThis plant works to reduce the toxins you may be breathing in your home.  It is also great for anyone with asthma or lung issues.  If you live in an area where there is a great deal of smog, it will also clean out those smog fumes.

An extra-special note about this plant:  The money tree is known for fostering luck and prosperity.  (Send me ten of them, right now!



many-branched green palm plant in brown containerThere are several varieties of palm that can be grown indoors.  These are safe for pets if they decide to chew on them a bit.  There is a palm variety that you might try called the areca palm that is a nice choice.  This plant requires little care and acts as a natural air purifier.



Spider Plant

green and white hanging plant, new shoots, black containerI am so glad to know this plant is non-toxic, as my animals seem to think it is just the thing to chew on.  I do discourage them, but it’s nice to know they won’t get sick from munching them.  The spider plant is quite sturdy and reproduces lots of new shoots.  The plant heals you as it decorates your room.

Be sure to hang it high enough so the cat can’t decide to dig it up or knock it over (the other cat hazard one has with plants.)


Boston Fern

green plant, many leaves, in blue bucketIf you are in a place where the weather can get harsh, keeping you inside, you might find the Boston fern of real value.  The plant is said to act as an air humidifier.

This plant will help restore moisture to a room dried with heat from your air vents.


Tradescantia zebrina

Plant leaves, purple and greenThis plant is non-toxic.  It will create a lush, purple display in your home.  It is a good plant to hang in a window or to place on an end table.  Be prepared:  Cats love its soft, curling leaves.



Blue Echeveria

Blue plant, succulent, rosette=shapedThis attractive plant is a member of the Stonecrop family.  A sweet succulent, it will add color and life to your home. If your pet thinks it is too beautiful to resist, and munches a bite or two, the pet will not be harmed.



African Violet

Deep blue violet flowers, green leaves, in small planterWe all  know this plant is a great addition to our houseplants.  It has colorful blooms that keep going for a lot of time.  The green leaves have a hint of color.  Put it in a sunny spot, where you and your cat can both enjoy it.



Moth Orchid

Purple orchid flowerHere is a beautiful plant that won’t poison your kitty, but just the same, let’s hope he just admires it but doesn’t eat it.  Not only are the blooms beautiful, but it will help to purify indoor air.

If you are looking for a housewarming gift, this plant might be perfect.  It combats paint fumes. Their pets will appreciate it, too.

Cast Iron Plant

Plant with a multitude of green leaves in planterThis plant might be good to use outside or inside, as it is hardy.  It is beautiful to look at and tough as well, and does well in just about any growing conditions.

If curious creatures try chewing on it, the plant might receive a blemish or two, but the pet will not be harmed.



several bamboo plants in containersThe bamboo tree is very tall and obviously can’t be grown inside because of the size.  However, it is easy to find a potted bamboo, as that will grow nicely inside, and will not outgrow its container.

The bamboo plant will detoxify the air inside your abode.  Besides improving air quality, they require little maintenance.  This one is also an attractive addition to your decor.

I hope this little guide will be helpful to you when bringing new house plants into your home.

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