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Would You Enjoy Cat-Themed Christmas Cards?

Okay, my friends — it can’t be helped.  It’s that time of year.  If you want to send out Christmas cards, you need to select what you want soon so you will have time to get them all out before Christmas.  Therefore, I have selected 9 different designs in cat-themed Christmas cards for you to review and enjoy. The 10th item is a Christmas card address book for keeping your complete card list. Look over the cards below; I hope you find one or two that you simply have to have.  Here they are:


Reindeer Cats Catching SnowflakesTwo cats wearing reindeer horns

by Avante Press

Price:  $12.95

10 cards; 12 envelope


Holiday Kittens, by Masterpiece Studios3 cats seated in row, Christmas hats

18 cards/18 envelope

Price:  $12.90



Caspari Cat Christmas Tree Card

by Entertaining with Casparicat under Christmas tree

16 cards/16 envelopes

Price:  $16.99




Christmas Miracle cat and dog outside watching night sky

by Avanti Christmas Cards

10 cards/envelopes

Price:  $12.95



Scooter Cat Holiday Card Pack two cats on scooter

Set of 25 cards

1 design, versed inside with envelopes

Price:  $14.99



Christmas Card Address Bookcat, lying down, red Christmas hat

by Keep Track Books

6 x 9 Glossy Paperback

Price:  7.49



Cool Cat Christmas Cards Cat head in snow

by Team Husar Wildlife Photography

15 cards/16 envelopes

Price:  $17.95


Funny Cat and Dog Christmas Card two cats on doghouse roof, teasing dog with bone

18 cards/envelopes

Price:  $14.95



Please note:  As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission if  you purchase from this selection.

8 thoughts on “Would You Enjoy Cat-Themed Christmas Cards?”

  1. I was going to yell at you that you made the choices too hard because I LOVE THEM ALL!  LOL!  OMG, my family is a family of cat-lovers, we love love love our sweet fur babies, but I see now that they come in packs of ten, and I send a lot of cards, so I could buy the ones I want and not have to choose.  Ok, so I’m in love with the two kitties on the snowmobile, omg, and the cat and doggie looking up.  I have a lot of friends with cats and dogs, so that would be perfect. 

    Thanks so much.  I love these cards.  I can’t wait to send them out!

    • What about that big cat trying to fit in a too-small box?  Do your cats ever do that?  Seems like the smaller space they can fit in, the happier they are, even if they spill out the edges.  I’m really glad you liked the cards.  Hard to believe it is that time of year again, but there ya go…I remembered just in time to give you too many choices…lol…

  2. Oh my God I can’t believe we are already at that time of the year, I love Christmas and I loved the cards you put here. I don’t know if I will be able to decide between the Holiday kittens, the cats in the scooter and the Christmas miracle, the prices are very good too. 🙂

    • Well, I’ll bet if you bought a box of each, you would find enough friends to use them all.  I love them all, too.  I think the Christmas miracle is one of my favorites, and also the large cat in the small box.  He’s so cute, and trying to fit in a box that is too small is so typically cat.  Thanks for the comment.

  3. Your first recommended card already has me smiling from ear to ear. The other one I love is the Christmas Miracle, with the back view of the cat sitting side by side with the dog. You have reminded me of those childhood and teenage years, when I would send festive cards to friends and cousins. This post has inspired me to pick up this tradition again. Thanks so much!

    • I know what you mean, Joo.  I’ve left the tradition slide for a few years, and now that I am older, am looking forward to receiving holiday cards.  It is good for the giver and for the receiver to get these messages of love and caring during the holiday season.

  4. Absolutely adore the bob cat in the snow (The cool cat) and I know a few friends that would love it. The other one is has got to be the kittie catching snowballs. LOL LOL  I cant pass that one up Oh the reindeer cats catching snowflakes.. that will take care of most of my list …those three  LOVE THEM!

    What a great collection you came up with! 

    • Thank you so much!  Just call me your shopping assistant.  I went through a lot of cards to come up with the designs I selected — so glad you liked them.  There are a couple of them I want my own self…guess I had better get them soon, as it is time to get those cards out.


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